Monday, March 21, 2005

Casting couch or lasting ouch

THE casting couch has become a lasting ouch for both Shakti Kapoor and Aman Verma, who were caught on camera by a TV channel making advances at an undercover starlet. So what’s funny about it? Well, it wasn’t at all funny watching those clips day in and day out on the channel, which was bent on making the most of the sting operation, but it was certainly funny how the actors defended the “mere mortals” in a press conference.
Govinda, the actor-turned- politician, who is yet to have an office to listen to the woes of his constituency after months of winning the election came forward to support his clan just a day after the tapes sparked off the controversy. He assumed that actor Aman Verma might have had romantic interest in the girl. “Maine Pyar Ko Vasna Me Aur Vasna Ko Pyar Me Badalte Hue Dekha Hai,” he said in his true poetic style.
Maaf Kijiyega Govindaji but, “Hamne bhi apko actor se politician, aur politician se actor me badalte hue dekha he.” And just like there is a thin line between pyar and vasna, as you said, in our country there is little to choose between politics and acting. Doesn’t Laloo deserve an Oscar?
Shakti Kapoor, in the meanwhile, gave the world’s oldest excuse, “Main Insaan Hoon, Bhagwan Nahin.” Well, Mr Kapoor, first of all we had never said that you were God because for years we saw you getting beaten by your friends Govinda and Mithun in various movies. Well, you might have as well said, “I’m an actor, not human.”
And now let’s listen to the gem that Sallu Bhai blurted out. “I slept late last night. My mother called me to say, ‘So ja beta, nahin toh Ruchi (the undercover journalist) aa jayegi!” he said parodying his father’s line from Sholay.
But Sallu Bhai, this dialogue could also have been used by Ash’s mom after you allegedly beat her to pulp. “So ja Ash beta, nahin toh Salman aa jayega!!!” Because anybody who is sensible will prefer to take a nap for a few hours rather then being put to sleep for all times to come. Remember, the two dead black bucks and the victim of the hit and run case. Now Ash, who is lucky to have escaped the onslaught, must be saying, “Lucky – No time for Love.” And Sneha, better watch out if you know what happened to Dolly the Sheep. Human cloning has long way to go!

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