Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Not a 'Dutt' on his image

I was in PG when I first (and last) met Sunil Dutt during his visit to my university in Orissa. It was cetainly a chance encounter since not many Bollywood actors or celebrities have actually bothered to visit a university in Orissa apart from Nandita Das, who is a daughter of our soil. Till that day Sunil Dutt for me was always the father of Sanjay Dutt, the main protagonist in movies like Khalnayak and Sadak. But after I met him I realised that Sanju's baba is one of the very few real Congressmen alive. He came, he interacted with us and filled us with enough confidence to make our dreams come true. Not only that he belived in the abilities of the youth but also recognised their role in nation building. For a young guy like me in the university who was infatuated with his dreams of becoming a journalist at that point of time, he was just what the doctor ordered. May his soul rest in peace. May we get another Congressman like him. Amen.

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