Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Deconstructing technology

He was one typical Jat businessman. Loads of money, uneducated, unpolished, friendly and married (don't go deep into the order) . I met him in the train on my way to Delhi. He had a high-end Nokia handset which costs around 25 grand. So how does he use his handset. Did he keep reminders? No. Did he store important documents? No. Did it help him in his business apart from receiving and making trade related calls? No. In fact, he had all the MMSes that have created controversy in recent times - the Riya Sen one, the DPS one, the Mallika Sherawat one. He also had loads of other porn clips and quite a few latest songs in the 64 MB memory card. Now that's what is called "Human Technology."

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