Monday, July 11, 2005

To say or not to!!!

So easily we sometimes make passionate statements which are not backed by enough experiences. Earlier when somebody used to ask me whether I liked Hyderabad, the answer used to be a resounding “Yes”. But today if somebody asks me the same question the answer would be, “Yes, I like that part of Hyderabad which I am associated with. The rest I have no clue about.” My life in Hyderabad is limited to my office at Madhapur, my flat at West Marredpally, my friends, some of the shopping malls, a few pubs, ten movie halls, my aquarium, bookstores and few aimless long drives in the heart of city and beyond. Still, I think most of the city has remained unexplored. I wish someday I could say that “I like Hyderabad” in the true sense of the phrase. But then again, somehow I like the soul of the city. Can’t really explain that.

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P. Ravindra Varma said...

Hi! I am that friend of yours, in the West Marredpally flat. I haven't been to many places and cities like you. But that doesn't make a damn difference. Ya, for the first time I too have come to like a place, a part of a place, to be more precise. Hyderabad has been so much for me. Though I still think it's too early, I hardly want to leave this city. And you have been a major part of this...hope to see you and talk to you more often now (without loosing my sleep!) since your shifts have changed. And ya get up early and keep water...I have been doing it for long....:)