Monday, August 29, 2005

Ghar, Gharonda, Golmaal

This is a popular cassette combination from HMV. And now it talks a lot about my life. My flat is yet to become Ghar because I am still single. My Gharonda is not mine because I stay in a rented apartment. And finally, I was in a lot of Golmaal a few days back because I had to shift my flat within two days!!!

Ek Akela Is Sehar Mein,
Raat Me Ya Dupahar Mein,
Abodana Dhoondta he,
Ashiana Dhoondta he....

In Bhul Bhulaiya Galiyon Me Apna Bhi Koi Ghar Hoga,
Ambar Pe Khulengi Khidkiyan, Khidkipe Khula Ambar Hoga...

Fortunately, Abodana is not an issue anymore, or is it?

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