Sunday, September 04, 2005

Title Track

Some say watching a movie is funny and I say just reading the movie page of newspaper is equally rib tickling. Here is my hat ke take on some of the latest movies, movietitles and catchlines.

Movie: Topless
Catchline: It takes more than GUTS to reach the TOP

My take: Yes of course, apart from guts it takes a lot of hardwork and luck to reach the top. But this lady has already manufactured a cliched yet unsuccessful path as to how she is going to make it big in Bollywood.

A more apt catchline for this movie would have been - Brainless bimbette now goes topless.

Movie: The Real Dream Girl
Catchline: She will charm you in your dreams

My Take: And I say dare not. If she starts being part of our dreams then where will the nightmares go. And God save Hema Malini - the original dream girl. She must be hiding under her bed to after seeing the print ads of this skin flick.

A more apt catcline for this movie would have been - She will turn your dreams into nightmares.

Movie: AAshiq Banaya Apne
Catchline: Love Takes Over

My Take: First of all we wonder why the the word AAshiq has two As in it. Is it just plain numerology or because there are two Ashiqs in the movie. And the movie’s theme is such a done-to-death one that we have come up with another title and catchline for this movie. Interestingly, the poster of the movie has also been lifted from a foreign ad.

A more apt title for this movie would have been ‘Ullu Banaya Apne’ with the catchline ‘Inspiration takes over’. This is for you Mr Aditya Dutt.

Movie: Barsaat
Catchline: A sublime love story

My Take: Now a single look at the poster and you know why the movie is titled Barsaat. Lots of soap ads, less of substance and the result is such that you have to Bardasht - another forgettable Bobby movie - the movie for three hours. After the Mumbai rains who needs Barssat, anyways.

A more apt title for this movie would have been ‘Bardasht’ with the catchline ‘A Lyril-Lime Love Story’.

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