Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Game Bajao!!!

So if rookie southpaw R P Singh is taking wickets, what’s Mr Brittle (Ashis Nehra) up to these days? Guess what! He is now endorsing a pain balm. And what selection that was on the part the company to recruit Mr Nehra — the man who gets injured at the drop of a hat. Well, that was a real Dard Mitaye Chutki Mein story. Now let’s help other such cricketers, who are now out of the team find some work in their time of crisis.
Tamilnadu paceman L Balaji, though, has quite a few options. He can either endorse a low-key hair care product or toothpaste or even both. He can also become an author and write a book titled, “How to smile when the opposition is spanking you all over the park.”
And Zaheer Khan can coach young fast bowlers. Since by this time, he knows what not to do to ruin a sporting career. He can also endorse a Punching Bag since he has been the target of almost all leading international batsmen.
Our dear Very Very Special Laxman can either open a counseling center for frustrated-talented sportspersons or can just fly to Australia to help their bowlers in preparing better for future battles with India.
Sourav Ganguly by the way can just enter politics since in spite of repeated failures the bong brigade has unfailingly voted for him. And that is the most admiring quality of a successful politician. In spite of not doing any development work in their constituencies, they still mange to retain their seat. And Dada minus the bouncers is a perfect fit. We know that.
Now that was about cricketers, let’s now move over to actress-mistress Monica Bedi. Now that she is out of work and spending time hiding her face from mediapersons she can just write a spicy novel on her tryst with filmdom. The title can be Tol Moll Ke Bol. And she can earn some extra money by blackmailing Bollywood stars for not mentioning their name in the movie. Baba for instance would be much eager to pay rather than get caught by the cops again. And now a common career option for all the people above. Become Mahesh Bhatt. Have an opinion on everything — love, sex, movies, politics, science, earthquake, tsunami etc. Because I am sure tomorrow if something happens in Mars which has no bearing on us, Mr Bhatt will be the first to react.

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