Saturday, December 03, 2005

Jhaji's Formula

When Prakash Jha made Mrityudand and Madhuri Dixit played the role of lead actress, she was probably the only star attraction of the movie. And that was a masterstroke on the part of Jha because this star theory continuously works for him. His movies and also his message manage to get the audience because he ropes in “stars who can act” to perform the lead roles. Bipasha Basu essays a small role in Apaharan but the fact she is in the movie might lure a section of the society to actually watch the movie. And Ajay Devgan beautifully manages to transition from the song and dance routine to give these power-packed performances in his movies. So here goes Mr Jha’s success formula: Bihar + one star + award winning actors.

Is Apaharan another Company?

Is Apaharan another Company? If you actually think in terms of a factory product, Apaharan totally fits the bill. But even though similarities exist between the two movies apart from Ajay Devgan, may be this is not the most relevant question. The question should be: Is Bihar another Mumbai? And the answer is yes. Most of the crime happens on cell phones. And in Bihar also, like anywhere else, it is an unholy nexus between politicians, cops and dons. And for the dons, crime is just like any other profession. So it will be unfair to say that Prakash Jha has been inspired by the RGV don sagas. The similarities exist because of the subject they deal with.

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