Monday, January 23, 2006

Country needs Rahul…

Country needs Rahul… While a section of the Congress leadership is keen on making the AICC plenary the muhurat shot of Rahul Gandhi’s career on the “big stage” by painting the town red with hoardings stating the obvious, what option do aam janta like me have who are not interested in this game of idol worship. The trick is simple. Just imagine that the hoardings are meant for Rahul Dravid and not for Rahul Gandhi. Well, at this point when our team is fighting hard to keep the series alive in Pakistan, we need The Wall more than the Gandhi scion.
It was also nice to see MP Govinda make a “rare” appearance at the plenary. After his long and continued absence in the Parliament resulting in an official warning, it seemed that the forgotten star had forgotten his duties as Parliamentarian. But when it came to the party he was right there making his priorities pretty obvious. And there was also no pearl puja for him unlike Sachin Pilot who was caught in a tight spot at the airport when a friend of his showered him with pearls. So, next time there is a plenary, there will surely be more supporters waiting at the Pearl Harbour or in simple words the Begumpet Airport. Who knows how many supporters will try to ape this pearl feat next time and how many will try to collect them. But one thing is for sure, Hyderabadis have more than one reason to thank the plenary. The roads have become smoother and the city looks cleaner than ever before.
And clean are also the pitches in Pakistan. So much so that, an average test batsman like Shahid Afridi looked like one invincible conqueror. And may be that’s why former captain Sourav Ganguly was so keen to open in the Lahore test. Because he knew that there was no way he could get out on a dead track. And ironically he didn’t even get a chance to bat in the match.
While Ganguly’s fate seems pretty much sealed, Sehwag is continuing his dream run against Pakistanis. Much to the credit of Shoiab Akhtar, he didn’t even have too many things to say to the smashing Jat. And I am sure next time President Musharraf pays a visit to our country he will surely meet Shehwag Ki Maa in a bid to know the secret of his hand-eye coordination and lightening quick bat speed. So how will this series be remembered in the pages of cricketing history? Well, the answer could be this – live telecast of dead pitches.

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