Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Of late, the actor turned politician brigade of Bollywood is on a deliberate mission to prove their detractors wrong and in the process entertain the common junta on the idiot box. It was nice to see Jaya Bachchan crying hoarse about how she was wronged in the expel episode. And the fact that she was given a voice and accent training by Amar Singh was quite obvious the way she was giving interviews to the media. It’s a different story that her trainer has been a “been there done that” politician for several seasons now.
Another Samajwadi Party leader Jaya Prada on the other hand has now turned to singing to pass time till the next elections. She will be singing a song for none other than Bappida, who himself hasn’t given a hit for a long time. Bappida, our very own literal literal Metallica, on the other hand can model for Sona Chandi Chawanprash taking into account his love for the yellow metal.
Now let’s move over to the King of TV Interviews – Raj Babbar. Since none of the major channels have the patience to listen to him, Mr Babbar has now turned to one Urdu channel to tell his side of the story and malign Mulayam Singh. His mission is to give interviews in all the channels of the country. Next, he must be eying to buy some spots in Aashtha and Sanskar so that there also he can tell his sob story or may be the South Indian channels.
Bihari Babu Shatrughan Sinha also has had his share of snobs of late. He was not even called to participate in the Patna Film Festival. And on the inaugural day of the film fest he was at Kolkata enjoying a flower show. By the way, now on television Bihari Babu has another hobby - to praise Soniaji. Since his days in BJP are numbered, he is now a major Sonia bhakt much to the amusement of people who saw him as a Sonia baiter.
And now to the King of Parliament Absentees — Govinda. Earlier Govinda was seen explaining people the reasons of his continuous absence in Parliament. But now he is more interested in resurrecting his movie career than hoping for another stint in the Parliament. And he publicly on record agrees that he was not at all professional when he was at the helm. Unfortunately, punctual Govinda has no work now.

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