Thursday, April 06, 2006

Lymphosarcoma of the nose

In the movie Anand, Rajesh Khanna termed common cold as ‘lymphosarcoma of the nose’ – a scientific name for a regular health problem. While that was just a movie, in real life too sometimes people use phrases or words which seem to accentuate a problem which probably doesn’t deserve to sound all that profound.
The best example of this in recent times is ‘wardrobe malfunction’. In simple terms it means ill fitting clothes failing you in public. Forget the big time designers for a moment, but just imagine telling this to your local darjee. “Please ensure that I don’t have to face a wardrobe malfunction.” The darjee will most probably think that you have reached the wrong place and will show you the way to the nearest clinic.
Now, continuing our discussion on the wardrobe malfunction phenomenon, a section of the media assumes that the Mumbai Fashion Week fiascos – model Carol Gracias' top falling off and model Gauhar Khan’s skirt zipper giving way – could have been publicity stunts. And if that was so then they were wrong models since they managed it quite beautifully on the stage. If it would have been a Mona Chopra or a Rakhi Sawant, probably there would have been more than a dozen MMS clips doing the rounds.
Talking about Mona Chopra, she recently appeared on a news channel defending her latest movie "Naughty Boy". If you haven’t heard of the movie yet, then you needn’t even bother to find out. It’s one of those regular smalltime skin flicks which have become a trend of late. And it stars none other than Rahul Roy. It's interesting how these actors defend their dare bare acts. And the regular alibi is the script. “If the script demands it, why not?” I strongly feel that if the script someday turns into a human being, it will surely ask, “Why do you girls always blame me? I am tired of it.”
Guess who's new in Hyderabad party circles? Rahul Roy. His hairstyle and fate at the box office hasn’t changed in the last fifteen years, and it seems a star-starved city like Hyderabad is probably the only place in the world where he can get some attention. May be thanks to Mona, who accompanies him to every party in town. And what is even more surprising is that these so called stars without stardom continue to show attitude even though they are virtual non-entities in Bollywood. The city of tehzeeb might just retaliate some day and show them the door. Amen.

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