Friday, June 16, 2006

C’mon Samba Boyz

Before any big tournament a champion sportsperson always faces one question. Whether to leave when on top or rewrite past records? Before this year’s Impact Day I was scared. The person, with whom I had done the media co-ordination for the last two Impact Days, was no longer in the firm. And last Impact Day’s stupendous media response was right in front of me like a boxing coach challenging me to hit the target hard. Will I be able to repeat the 2005 magic? Even I didn’t know the answer before June 9 actually arrived.

It was but a strange coincidence that the World Cup was about to begin on June 9 and a similar story was unfolding there too. Will Brazil be able to repeat their feat minus the out-of-form Ronaldo. In my case I even didn’t have the luxury of a back-up Ronaldihnio. Minus teammate, minus a few contacts, I set out for what can be called my life’s biggest project so far. And through it I realized that the sometimes in our effort to reach a destination we forget the journey. In fact it is the most convenient thing to do. Most of the times in the journey lies the destination.

And that’s what I learnt this time round. Impact Day happened and was more happening than ever. We again received quite a bit of media attention. We even got Radio Mirchi to do some talking for us. All in all 12 mentions in print media, around 9 mentions in Radio Mirchi and 4 news bytes. So the total for this year till now stands at 25 – 8 more than what it was last year. I did beat myself. Now its Brazil’s turn to follow me. C’mon Samba boyz, you can do it?

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