Friday, July 28, 2006

Every man fights his battle ALONE!!!

Every man in this world fights his battle alone. Ravi did. Kalyan did. My brother Munu did. My brother in US did. I did. Of course there have been characters who have helped us along the way. But the battle is always fought alone. Sometimes in the mind and sometimes outside it. We sometimes feel little sad we were not really able to help eachother. But the truth is our battles were supoosed to have been fought alone. I know what my lil bro Munu went through when he was preparing for his MBA. I know what Kalyan went through in Delhi and Ravi in Bhubaneswar. And I had my share of bloody lil battles. And we all fought to win.... Even though it is still early days.


Perfect Misfit said...

and as you said, the way the battle is fought is much more important than the outcome of the battle!!!

Perfect Misfit said...

this post made me write one on my blog too!!