Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Of process, pattern, and intent!

Coming from a small sleepy town in Orissa, it would be foolish to claim that I always knew I would be here where I am today - working for a global corporation in Hyderabad. While I always believed I could fly, the journey on ground has been more exciting than the actual take off. Below are some of my core beliefs that led to professional growth and glory.

If you want to make it then break it: Any goal or achievement can be broken into tasks. Most of the times we get so much overawed by the magnitude of the result that a seemingly small immediate step lacks focus and perfection. For example, for Sachin Tendulkar to represent India at the highest level, it was important that he reached Shivaji Park on time every morning in his early teens for the practice sessions. Focus on process and results will follow. Focus on the results and you might miss out on some integral steps in the process.

Look for the pattern: Whatever you do in life, look for patterns. And patterns will emerge only when you focus and concentrate on your life’s story. It is like writing a virtual autobiography in your mind. And the question to ask is whether the story has the strength to engage and influence readers. Once you find a pattern that you like and would love sticking to, then you carefully make choices that fit your pattern. For example, the popular Bollywood actress, Vidya Balan carefully selects her roles that fit her pattern of being an actress who does challenging roles. And when such a role is on the shelf, she becomes an automatic choice.

Have the right intent: No matter what we do in life, it is important to do things for the right reasons and with the right intent. If you are involved in community initiatives, have the intent that you want to make a difference to the world around you. If you are a coach or mentor, have the intent to help groom somebody’s career. The only difference between motive and intent is that while the former is a trade-off, the latter is your personal contribution for the right reasons. For example, one of the primary reasons why Anna Hazare has shaken the imagination of our nation is because we are convinced that he really wants to make a difference. His intent is palpable.

So, for all those who love to dream big, spend time in finding the right pattern with the right intent and be ready with a sledge hammer to break your process into tasks.


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what's life if you don't have something to dream for? what's living if there's nothing to long for?

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