Thursday, December 30, 2004

The CNN, BBC corpse show

The CNN, BBC corpse show
Can CNN, BBC get away with this corpse show in ‘sensitive’ Manhattan?
(Reprinted from the Indian Express, Dec 30, 2004)
Six months after 9/11, a CBS documentary on the attack on the Twin Towers censored visuals of a woman burning to death. ‘‘The image was so terrible,’’ a programme producer at the US channel explained, ‘‘I made a decision not to film it. It’s not something anybody should see, or want to see.’’
So what happened to those solemn platitudes of three years ago? How come no channel-surfer got to see Diana and Dodi up close and dead in September 1997? Why has southeast Asia’s biggest tragedy become every American network’s ghoulish Disneyland party? Has disaster finally found its paparazzi?
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