Thursday, December 30, 2004

Our First PM

You can blame me for the kind of hatred I have towards the Nehru Dynasty, but I seriously think that Mahatma Gandhi should not be called the father of nation. On the other hand, this title can be conferred upon our first prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who literally fathered the nation. His life was an endless quest for power (also read as vigour). According to some historians (Read M O Mathai's Reminiscences of Nehru Age or Stanley Wolpert's Nehru: A tryst with destiny), he slept with each and every woman (and sometimes men) he came across in his life and died of disease called syphilis (a STD).

Pls view the image by following the link below (it is definitely not a morphed one) and see how a freedom fighter was having a ball with the wife of a British ruler right under his nose. All this at a time when the country was reeling under the rage of communal divide and partition.

Here's an excerpt from the book by Wolpert:
"The suggestion that Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru may have had homosexual experiences was made after extensive research and conversations with those who knew him, according to Prof Stanley Wolpert, author of Nehru: A Tryst With Destiny. In the book Wolpert implies that Nehru had several homosexual encounters during his early years in Allahabad, and later at Harrow and Cambridge.
He also describes instances when Nehru dressed in drag "Wearing his wig, made up with lipstick, powder and eye shadow, his body draped in silks and satins, Jawahar most willingly offered himself up night after night to those endless rehearsals for the Gaekwar's At Home as a beautiful young girl, holding out her jug of wine and loaf seductively to her poet lover, Omar," he writes in one passage.
In the book, Wolpert says Nehru's first attachment was with a young man called Ferdinand Brooks who was his French teacher. Brooks was a theosophist but Wolpert says before coming to India the "handsome' man was a disciple and lover of Charles Webster Leadbeater, a renegade Anglican curate who was accused of child molestation and pederasty on several continents. Leadbeater openly advocated mutual masturbation among young boys.
Wolpert also suggests Nehru may have had a gay relationship in Harrow and makes much of Panditji's admiration for Oscar Wilde." Follow link to see image:

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psaisiddharth said...

pity that pandit's efforts havn't been recognized.but then we might call "CHENGIZ KHAN-FATHER OF THE WORLD"!!!why did nehru die of syphillis???the pandit could've certainly afford a condom?or was he still on the lookout for a "khadi condom"?