Monday, January 03, 2005

Fifteen Seconds of Fame

They came, they saw and now they are being seen. Suddenly Indian television is flooded with talent hunts of every hue and shape. Indian Idol, Channel V Super Singer, Zee Cine Star Ki Khoj, you name it and there is one for you. I am not here to despise them, despite them being cheap cousins of their much-famous western counterparts. Rather, these talent hunts, in whatever little way they can, are catering to midlle-class aspirations. Aspirations, which earlier craved for a platform. Aspirations, which never even saw the light of the day. What else can possibly explain the reason why a person who paints walls is now hogging the limelight in the show Indian Idol. Similarly, a couple of blind singers are now on their way to become Super Singer. They might lose (or made to lose as they lack glamour quotient) at the final juncture and their final berth might not change their future, but one thing's for sure, they won't die an anonymous death like many of their counterparts. They have had their fifteen seconds of fame. Isn't that's what we all crave for?

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