Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Kabhie Uma, Kabhie Drama

Indians are lucky. At a time when the avenues of entertainment are limited - Govinda’s slapstick comedy isn’t funny anymore, Kamal Haassan has lost his comic timing, the cricket team is on a losing spree and Bollywood is desperately searching for a hit despite the bare-all flicks – politicians continue to fill our lives with much-needed action. Just a couple of days back our defence minister Pranab Mukherjee was caught ‘defenceless’ by his own party workers. He was abused, assaulted and heckled by his own party men. And Pranabda, who was till now only known for his Benglish, a language that only he can understand, proved that why Indians considered the best in the hand-to-hand combat. Now, can such a thing happen in any other country? Coming back to our seasoned actors, (read politicians) Uma Bharti will surely take home the award for Best Actress in a Confused Role. The former Madhya Pradesh CM first hurled abuses at L K Advani in a bhari mehfil of journalists and then after a series of volcanic eruptions gave a statement saying, “Mein ne Advaniji se bahut kuch sikha hai.” Yes maam,in politics, Patch up toh hona hi tha. If Uma is the queen of melodrama, Laloo Prasad Yadav is the reigning king of Pollywood. If recent findings are to be believed, it seems Mr Yadav was never stoned during his visit to Vadodra. Rather, a patient admitted in the SSG Hospital in Vadodra had inadvertently thrown a pouch containing water from the first floor. And our dearest Railways Minister in a smart Houdini act turned the water pouch into a stone. If Mr Yadav were to come to Hyderabad, we can reverse that exercise. We can throw stones at him, Hyderabad has lots of them, and he can turn them into water pouches. At least that way he can solve water scarcity in the city! But everything said and done, Pollywood can never make a Sholay. Because, you never know when Gabbar and Thakur might form an alliance and hunt for Jay and Veeru instead.

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