Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Life, line and lifeline !!!

Was watching Wimbledon and could see how much important can be a white line to a tennis player. Life is indeed all about lines. Lines that we would love to cross, lines that we would love to “double-cross”, lines that keep nations at war, lines that keep players (also read as bowlers) on their toes, lines that decide between life and death, lines that help in creating some new lines between people. In India, the word signifies more importance. Often both serious and trivial romantic pursuits are termed as, “Line Maar Raha He.” (Don’t know how to explain it?). It is also a popular substitute for queue – an integral part of our everyday life. Remember the movie Kaalia (one of those typical BigB blockbusters) – Kaalia Jahan Khada Hota He, Line Wahin Se Shuru Hoti He. And finally, “hey, speak louder. Lagta He Line Kharab He.” Don'tknow why I took this Hutch connection? Ab Aya Na Line Pe.

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