Friday, July 01, 2005

Beg to differ !!!

He says he is a begger but I beg to differ. I see him everyday on my way back from office at Punjagutta. From no angle he looks like a beggar and interestingly he only begs at night (must be a call center worker in his previous life). I never gave him anything and have always doubted his credentials. Pure instinct, you can say. His only possible reason to beg is that one of his legs is polio-stricken. Swift mobility apart, he is quite healthy and wears nice shirts. Just out of curiosity I did some investigation and the result was quite interesting. That bugger (pun intended) has a four-room house behind Sathyam Theatre in Ameerpet. He and his family stay in one room and the other three they have given on rent. He begs at night to maintain anonymity and also to avoid the scorching sun. Smart!!!

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