Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Nach le ...

While describing the magic of dancing somebody said, “To tap or not to tap...silly question!!” But if he or she would have had an opportunity to witness, what happens on the overcrowded dance floors in the numerous pubs and discos of Hyderabad, the answer would have been an resounding “No.” Here in our city, dance is sometimes boxing first and salsa later. And with a little more of DNA mapping, we can also categorise these smart-on-the-feet types.
The first broad category can be the ones who don’t have the knowledge that you dance with your feet and not hands. They probably assume that dance is like seeing somebody off at the airport. Just wave your hands and that will do. And sometimes when the number is really hot, their hands have the tendency of hitting any living organism in the near vicinity. Result? Somebody getting hit when he or she least expected to.
It is really funny how Bollywood has its effects on the dance flloor. Although it has been long since one of those snake flicks were released. You can always find one doing a Nagin dance on the floor. Incidentally, most of time it’s men who try to emulate these Sridevi steps.
And how can we forget the Ganesh immersion types. This category doesn’t believe in the place. No matter where they are, they just love dancing the way it is done during a Ganesh immersion procession. And to explain that I don't even have words...

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