Sunday, October 16, 2005

Blast from the past

Coming to the recent blasts in the city, it is strange how the electronic media, much unlike the Bollywood policemen, expects the cops to know the criminal, the motive and the reason of the blast just after the incident has happened. Even after an hour or two after the above incident they were seen asking questions to the senior cops like, “Sir, who do you think is behind the incident? Has the criminal been identified? Is ISI the culprit? Now, if the cops had the answer, the blast would not have happened at the first place. But, what the cops later came to unearth was that the bombers apparently wore slippeers made in Bangladesh! Now think if this incident would have happened in US. Since US itself is not much into manufacturing consumer goods, the possible clues might have been a t-shirt made in Mexico, watch made in China, PDA made in Taiwan or even undies made in Nigeria — a sure case of a militant suffering from Multiple Nationality Disorder!

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