Monday, August 14, 2006

Saw "Pokiri" (a Telugu movie starring Mahesh Babu) recently. Here are some of my observations:

a) Although the movie was got the CBFC rating of "A" there were countless kids and adolescents in the movie hall. So, obviously there was no respect being shown to the Censor Board verdict by the authorities that may be.

b) At the beginning of the movie there's a statutory warning saying that smoking is injurious to health. What seemed to me that it was just a fa├žade to again use Mahesh Babu as a smoking macho hero. He did that in Okkadu and he did it in Pokiri. Mahesh Babu’s loyal fan associations do a lot in terms of not letting his movies get hit by piracy, its time he shows some responsibility towards the society. Most importantly, smoking is banned in movies.

c) The violence was just too much to fathom. And one scene where he beats three eve-teasers to pulp in the local train was just not necessary in terms of the plot of the movie.

d) As far as acting goes, Mahesh Babu has done a great job.

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Perfect Misfit said...

well..melodrama and unnecessary exxageration are some highlights of the telegu your observations are quite along expected lines!!