Thursday, August 17, 2006

Should I watch KANK?

No: Because I don't have the time to watch a three and a half hour emotional roller coaster.
No: Because Karan Johar is just an extension of the Chopra camp
No: Because KANK's songs sound like Kal Ho Na Ho except Mitwa...
No: Because the movie is all about great casting and great locations
No: Because I am tired of seeing Rani in a saree, Preity in westerns and Aby with a stuble

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Perfect Misfit said...

You know what i actually started watching it on my lappy!!!just because KJ had promoted this movie big time as a non 'Karan Johar; movie...but tell u what..5 minutes into the movie and the bhangra beats start flowing and even a novice can say tat this is a KJ movie ..ha !!