Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It has been 52 days since I GOT MARRIED. marital status , my bank account, my choices, my strengths, my weaknesses, my wardrobe , my bachelor "hood", my office bag , my TV channels, my state of mind, and my network of relatives. Everything has changed. For the better or for the worse.? In fact there is no N/Y answer to this. Some things have improved and some choices have taken a backseat. Life is beautiful.


National Highway said...

52 days? that precise? kya baat...abhi se din ginne shuru kar diye?

Marriage definitely tells you that there is more to life than black and white and im not talking about any colors here ;)

P. Ravindra Varma said...

I am approaching three years of my CHANGE. And this is what I have realized - All that matters is if you can keep saying and actually feeling those three very precious words - Life is Beautiful - everyday after your CHANGES! All the very best. God bless both of you!