Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Proud Of My Mom

Just like many others of her clan in an Oriya middle-class household, my mother too had her 'unfair' share of trials and tribulations. While most others resign to this fate and build a make-belief world of excuses to make life little bearable, a rare few like my mom, breach the boundaries to seek freedom and identity. At 56, she is now a certified yoga teacher and teaches yoga at various camps conducted in and around Bhubaneswar. Her fascination with yoga started rather very late but through yoga she has found her much-needed identity and freedom. I wish and pray that she finds true joy in her pursuit of happiness.


Ravindra Varma said...

Remember, that word 'homemaker', we might have first come across on the glossy pages of Outlook? Our mothers have done that for the most part of their lives. What role did they play becomes clear when you look at a city couple - staying alone and both working.

Moms - the ones we have - played that role of an anchor in our families - an anchor which continues to be of principal importance for the smooth runnig of the family. Because of them we had such a lovely life at home.

While money, things and comforts that our fathers brought were tangible, the love, care and understanding that our mothers brought to the table are not so. And all the food they worked hard to make, we all ate that up.

The average housewife, at 50+ feels like, she has no freedom and hasn't achieved anything.

Great that she is doing what her soul longs to!

Gorgeous Karma said...

Chetan, stumbled upon your blog via linkedin and the post that caught my eye was this. I felt touched to know your mom found her passion and built an identity around it. So few Indian women (of that generation) have the conviction and the heart to pursue something from scratch for their own satisfaction after they have dedicated their whole life to home and kids and hearth. I will share this with my mom who has taken a lot in her stride just to make sure we grow up to be what we want....
Keep writing more often... :)

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