Monday, October 03, 2005

Is it just coincidence?

Kaniza Garari is one of my former colleagues at Times of India and also a great friend. She manages two kids, a husband and a journalist’s job at Times of India. And to me she does that juggling act pretty well. While all this talk about Sania being featured on Time cover page and she being a Muslim was going on, I just had a passing thought that, Sania is not alone. People like Kaniza also epitomize the victory of will over circumstances although at a very grass-root level. She being a Muslim girl would have surely faced strong objection from her family when she chose a career like journalism. But she did manage to convince them and continued to pursue her dreams. Now, coming to the coincidence part, everybody in Kaniza’s family – her two sons, she herself and her husband – were born on 15th. Was that a mere coincidence? And I believe it wasn’t. They are a blessed family, touch wood!

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